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Product information

The HiBar system uses the flotation power of the floodwaters themselves to erect a barrier that, uniquely, does not rely upon the structural strength of the property being defended for its support.

Crucially, this overcomes a drawback in systems that do, because for flood heights of around 1.5m or higher, the structural integrity of the property walls could be compromised, whereas our system takes the pressure itself. There is, therefore, no theoretical height limit. This in turn allows our system to be used to defend high value areas of land as well, such as sports venues.

The automatic deployment crucially ensures that the barrier is always there, as a guardian, and deploys in time, unlike a previous occurrence in Upton on Severn in 2007, where a portable barrier system and its workforce was unable to reach the town for the second flooding occurrence that Summer, due to floods on the access roads!

Another unique aspect of the HiBar system is that it folds itself neatly away, back into its housing trench when the floodwaters recede, such that the top of the barrier’s float lies flush with ground level and allow a quick return to traffic use, or should satisfy the aesthetics aspect for local planning purposes.


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