hi bar Flood Defense System - Domestic and commercial flood defense systems Protecting your investment

About us

HiBar Flood Systems Ltd was formed to develop a revolutionary, patented concept in flood defence - a free-standing, automatic, self-erecting barrier that does not require any external power or people present in order to erect or lower/dismantle it.

The barrier was the brainchild of the current CEO, Simon Higginson, who designed it after watching harrowing TV images of elderly residents being rescued from the devastating 2000 floods.

Crucially, most damage is caused by the sudden and unexpected arrival of the floodwaters, such that residents and business owners either do not have time to build defences, or they are away at the time. (The inventor has spoken to a couple who had gone, under blue skies, to the supermarket, only to return 40 minutes later to find 2 feet of water in their house!)

In order to fully defend a property from floodwaters, a combination of preventative measures needs to be employed, including non-return valves in foul sewer and drainage pipes, in conjunction with high volume pumps to deal with some seepage and groundwater rising within the protected perimeter.

The installing contractors will ensure that, following a full site survey, all possible factors are taken into account when designing the bespoke system components that are relevant for your particular property and soil characteristics.

This could also include landscaping the top of the barrier so that, when not in use, it blends in fully with the surrounding area, and upgrading its strength if needed to deal with heavy volumes or weight of traffic.

Finally, on-going peace of mind will be achieved by installation and product guarantee. Also, an annual servicing contract, carried out by fully trained service engineers with minimal disruption to the property occupier, would be a condition of such guarantees.